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Aconcagua Valley

Aconcagua Valley

Our local guide will pick you up by car at the place where you are staying and from there, we will go outside the city towards the Aconcagua valley located only 1.5 hours from Santiago. On the road, our guide will explain to you about the Chilean wine valleys and specifically, the characteristics of the Aconcagua valley, famous for producing outstanding red wines, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon in the shadow of Mt.Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Andes. Once we arrive at Aconcagua Valley, we will go ahead to our first winery named “Flaherty” to start our wine tour. There, you will see a post-colonial house with more than a hundred years, made out of adobe that remains as used to be in the past. You will learn more about the history of the valley, taste different premium wines, see the cellar and installations. Then, we will go to have a tasty lunch in the same winery or you can choose to go to a local restaurant. After having enjoyed a wonderful meal, we will go ahead to our second winery of the day, a family wine cellar named Sanchez de Loria, that has been present since 1890. There, you will walk around the vineyards, visit the cellar where the wines are aging, and of course,  the installations where the winemaking processes take place during the harvest periods (with ancient machines, preserving the traditional winemaking methods of the last generations). You will finish the tour with a premium wine tasting with a paring. After your exciting experience, our guide will bring you back safely to your place of accommodation.  


  • Modality: By car or VAN
  • What time? Between 8:00 y 9:00 AM
  • Duration: 8-9 hours
  • Price: 190.000 CLP per person (3 people) / 220.000 CLP per person (2 people) / 320.000 CLP (solo traveler).
  • Persons: 1 – XX (Ask for a discount if you are a group of 4 or more!)
  • What to bring? Sunblock, a hat, a jacket, a camera, and a comfortable pair of shoes. 


  1. Private transportation. 
  2. Native and bilingual guide
  3. Lunch included
  4. Visit two wineries in Aconcagua Valley.
  5. Tickets for the wine tours
  6. Taste of 5 different wines in Sanchez de Loria with pairing. 2 whites, 2 red, and 1 Oporto.
  7. Taste of 4 wines in Flahertywines. 3 red, 1 white.



  • Tips. 
  • Outdoor activities such as hiking the Andes or horse riding. If you choose this option, you will visit only one winery.
  • *The winery Sanchez de Loria only opens from Wednesday to Saturday. Therefore, if you want to do the tour through the Aconcagua valley during these days, we will offer you another activity in exchange, such as horseriding to the Embalse Chacrillas or/and visit a local family farm where they produce the famous “Manjar” and also a renowned cheese named “queso de Cabra”. All these, besides getting to know the town. 



* All our services in City Trekking Guide are completely private. Therefore, we can adapt to all your needs during your tour experience.
* This tour does not include entrance to the museums. In case you want to enter you must asked by email before the tour.
* If you wish to include any other sights/attractions/etc., or take out any of our proposed ones, please feel free to let us know and we can make you another offer!

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All our services in City Trekking Guide are completely private. Therefore, we can adapt to all your needs during your tour experience.

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