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Tailormade Tours in Chile!

Frequently Asked Questions

I had a great a lifetime experience with you. What can I do to support you or where can I send a testimonial myself?
Our team will always appreciate your feedback. We are glad to see photos and to hear your opinion and comments about your experience with us. We believe that this allows us to achieve our constant improvement. If you want to help us to stay among the top ranked tours in Santiago, we will be very grateful if you write us a review on TripAdvisor or recommend us to other travelers or your hotel.
How long in advance do I need to make my reservation for the day tours and tour packages?
  • For the day tours a reservation with at least 2-5 days in advance will be always recommended. If you do a reservation with less than 1-2 days in advance we cannot promise that we will be able to offer you a service. Nevertheless, we will do our best to prepare your tour and help you to have an amazing experience in Chile.
  • For the Multi-day tours we need a reservation of at least 2-3 months in advance.
For the day tours, how do I know that you will show up if you have not received any payment in advance?

Our word is the most important for us. We respect every agreement/promise with our clients. In the other hand, to be paid we necessarily need to provide you the service. Therefore, you can be sure that our guide will always show up.

How do you protect yourselves from people who could book and then not be available without any notice?
In our history we have never had a bad experience with our clients. We trust them and this is part of our culture. When they have confirmed the tour we are sure that they will be ready to start the tour at the place and time agreed. Nevertheless, we will always understand if something uncontrolled occurs and you must cancel the tour. Obviously we expect to be told in advance if you decide to cancel the reservation for any reason you may have.
Where do the day tours begin?

We provide private tours most of the time. Therefore, we will pick you up at your place of accommodation. (Whether it is a hotel, apartment or a house). Our guides have their pictures posted on our website so you can get an idea beforehand what they look like and easily spot them when they arrive. In any case there is a new guide, we will send you an image of the guide before the tour. The tour guide assigned for you will always be able to be contacted. You will get his number as soon as you have booked the service.

Do you ever combine or join people to share a private tour to cut costs?

We usually do not combine groups. If we tell you that the tour is private it will be. Nevertheless, if we have more people who want to do the same tour on the same day we will send you an email asking you if it is possible to join them to your tour. We will always respect your answer

Do you do discount for big groups?

The final price of the service can always be discussed for big groups.

Will you organize outings for large groups?

Without a doubt. We have organized tours for groups of 30.

How long is the walking in your tours?

The answer is depending on the tour that you may take with us. This is specifically explained when you book every tour. But for you to have an idea, in general during our walking tours through Santiago, Valparaíso, Chiloe, and others cities we usually walk 3.5 -5 hours. In the mountain tours the hiking activity lasts around 2 – 4 hours but the tour In general 7-9 hours. In any case you need to rest or stop we will be ready to do so.

Do you offer tours in other languages?

We offer tours in 5 languages: Spanish, German, English, French, and Portuguese. Most of our guides speak 2-3 languages. If you need a guide in any other language, we can always try to find a guide that speaks the required language. When filling out the form let us know your language of preference.








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