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Tailormade Tours in Chile!

Pottery paradise Pomaire

16. July 2020

Pottery paradise Pomaire

It seems many chileans know Pomaire already, but among tourists it is still a quite unknown place. Only 1 hour outside of the capital city Santiago de Chile, one is able to discover a real authentic chilean village selling beautiful pottery and amazing food to affordable prices.
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Getting off the metro at the “Estación Central” station, one has to find the “San Borja” bus terminal from where you have direct access to Pomaire.

The price per person is 1.400 chilean Pesos (approx, US$ 3) and it takes, as said, more or less 1 hour. I recommend buying immediately your return ticket when arriving in Pomaire. It is the same price per person and allows you to avoid waiting a long time to be able to get back – in fact, it is quite likely you need more than 1 hour to Santiago. The last time I went, I needed 2 hours due to a lot of traffic going out of the small village, because many people take their own car.

The most typical “souvenirs” in Pomaire are the piggy banks. You will find them in almost every shop in many different sizes. I recommend asking for the prices at many places before buying, because the rank is quite high and goes from extremely cheap til quite expensive.

In general one finds many more clay animals in different colours, cuttlery, mugs and plenty of decoration objects. I hope you plan to have lunch in Pomaire, where typical authentic food is already waiting for you. The unique huge “empanadas” of 1 kg (!), the “pastel the choclo” and a cup of “chicha” are probably the most popular choices. But try as well the “Mote con huesillos”, as it is a tasty refreshing beverage, especially during summer (octobre – april).

Pomaire is the perfect place for those who want to taste the typical chilean flavour, who want to buy a great birthday present or in general want to get out of Santiago on the weekend to breath some fresh air. The shops and restaurants are open from around Wednesday until Sunday, and public holidays.

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