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Visites sur mesure à Chili

Chiloe in 5 days

Chiloe in 5 days

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Green, rainy, and dotted with wooden churches, the enchanting archipelago of Chiloé lies south of the Lake District and comprises one large island, Isla Grande, and several smaller ones. Join us on this tour of 5 days to discover the wonders that the island has to offer. You will meet locals, try typical food, see the wooden churches, enjoy outdoor experiences, kayaking, sailing, hiking, among others. You will see unique flora and fauna, and of course, learn all about the history of the island with your local guide.

5 Days - 4 nights Tour

In this shorter city tour, our local bilingual guide will pick you up at your hotel lobby, too. Moreover, from there, we will use solely public transportation and our own feet. Our aim is still that you are able to get to know the most important sights. You will get to know the most interesting neighborhoods, beautiful buildings, stunning parks, great viewpoints, and other unique places that we consider important. After this unique tour, our guide will leave you again safely at your place of accommodation.

  • Modality: By foot and public transportation
  • What time? Between 8:00 – 12:00 AM. Just let us know
  • Duration: ~ 4 hours
  • Price:    xxx
  • Persons:             xxx    
  • What to bring? xxx


  1. Bilingual personal guide


* Ride up to San Cristobal hill with funicular / viewpoint (+ 10,000 CLP per person / + 45 minutes)

* Lunch (+ 15,000 CLP per person / + 45/60 minutes)
* Museum Chascona / Pablo Neruda house (+ 15,000 CLP per person / + 60 minutes)
* Tips


* All our services in City Trekking Guide are completely private. Therefore, we can adapt to all your needs during your tour experience.
* This tour does not include entrance to the museums. In case you want to enter you must asked by email before the tour.
* If you wish to include any other sights/attractions/etc., or take out any of our proposed ones, please feel free to let us know and we can make you another offer!

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Tous nos services dans City Trekking Guide sont entièrement privés. Par conséquent, nous sommes en mesure de nous adapter à tous vos besoins au cours de votre expérience de visite.

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