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Tailormade Tours in Chile!

A journey back to Chile’s beautiful past.

16. July 2020

A Journey back to Chile’s beautiful past.

Go and discover the stunning past of Chile and visit the museum “Museo Ferroviario“ in Santiago de Chile, which is one of the biggest of this type in South America
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A great variety of beautiful and very well 16 conserved engines, trains and certain other wagons is waiting for visitors since 1984. To get there, you have to get off the subway station named “Quinta Normal“ of the green line number 5, walk towards the south on “Matucana“ Avenue until the intersection with “Portales“ and then go straight to the right for a few minutes to arrive to the entrance of the park “Parque Quinta Normal“.

On you left you will already see the mentioned museum. The entrance fee for children and students is only $500 (US$1) and adults pay $800 (US$1.5). The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm. On weekends and public holidays it closes at the same time, but opens one hour later, at 11 am.

You can also visit also the website www.museoferroviario.cl or just send your E-Mails to mferroviario@corpdicyt.cl omferroviario@tic.cl .

If you still have any questions, just call the following number: (0056) 2 681 4627

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