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Tailormade Tours in Chile!

Cheap Clothes and Tasty Food along crowded Streets

16. July 2020


What do you think is the area of Santiago de Chile that is crowded every day from Monday til Saturday with around 10 000 people?
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The answer is “Patronato” neighborhood which is located just a few minutes from the “Parque Forestal” and the city Centre. Immigrants from Arabian and Asian countries opened their first shops in the beginning of the 20th century.

The district has been growing a lot and nowadays one finds plenty’s of small shops offering all sorts of clothes in all colors, different supermarkets from many foreign countries, cozy restaurants and fast food places. Around the 80% of the offer that it is found in this neighborhood is for wimen.

The easiest way to arrive is to get to the subway station called “Patronato” on the yellow line N°2. Sundays are the only days when almost each store is shut, every other day is busy.

As there are a lot of people, precautions must be taken. Don’t bring and/or don’t show a huge camera or in general jewelry and just take a small amount of money with you. The area is not dangerous, but pick-pocketting happens once in a while, so better be prepared.

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